AIEA 2023 Secretariat:

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Important Times

Submission deadline:

Sep. 10, 2023

Registration deadline:

Sep. 20, 2023




Call for Papers

The Program Committee of AIEA 2023 invites submissions in the broad areas of Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Applications. Areas of interest include, but are not restricted to:

3D Printing Technology

AI and evolutionary algorithms

Ambient Intelligence

Architectures for teams of robots

Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

Automation and Control System

Big Data


Computational Intelligence

Computer Vision

Constraint-based reasoning and constraint programming

Control issues in multi-robot systems

Decision Support Systems

Decision support systems

Design and Simulation of Robotic Systems

Distributed AI algorithms and techniques

Distributed AI systems and architectures

Distributed control and planning

Distributed cooperative action

Distributed cooperative perception

Distributed decision making


Emerging technologies

Evaluation of AI tools

Evolutionary Computing

Expert systems

Fuzzy logic and soft computing

Game Theory

Genetic algorithms and reinforcement learning

Heuristic searching methods

Human Machine Interface

Hybrid symbiotic teams (humans and robots, animals and robots)

Industrial Applications of AI

Industrial systems

Integration of AI with other technologies

Intelligent agents

Intelligent data mining and farming

Intelligent databases

Intelligent information fusion

Intelligent information systems

Intelligent Mechatronics

Intelligent networks

Intelligent tutoring systems

Intelligent user interface

Intelligent web-based business

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Languages and programming techniques for AI

Learning and adaptation in teams of robots

Learning and adaptive sensor fusion

Localization and navigation in multi-robot systems

Machine Learning

Machine Learning for Robotics

Machine vision and Digital Image Processing for Robotics

Micro and Nano robotics

Micro-electromechanical System (MEMS)

Modular robotics

Multi-agent Systems

Multi-robot and multi-vehicle motion coordination

Multi-robot applications in exploration, inspection, coverage, search and rescue, service, environmental monitoring, etc.

Multisensor data fusion using neural and fuzzy techniques

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing

Networking issues in multi-robot systems

Neural networks and applications

Neuro and Fuzzy control

Performance metrics for robot teams

Planning and Scheduling


Rapid prototyping

Reasoning strategies

Recommender Systems



Search and meta-heuristics


Self-organizing and self-assembling robotic systems

Semantic Web

Sensor and actuator networks

Social Networking

Software Engineering

Software tools for AI

Spam Filtering

Speech Recognition


Swarm robotic systems

Tele and Medical robotics

Telecommunications and Web Services

Uncertainty in AI

Underwater, Ground, and Aerial Robotics


Web and AI

Wireless and robotic sensor networks

Applications (including: computer vision, signal processing, military, surveillance, robotics, medicine, pattern recognition, face recognition, finger print recognition, emerging applications, ...)

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